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The legal restrictions on behaviors of foreigners. Pursuant to the provisions of the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act, the business manager
VISA (resident status) is required for the foreigner who wants to start operating the company in Japan.

What kind of people need Business Manager VISA

An important matter needs to be confirmed at first that what kind of foreigner need this Visa.It can be simply checked by the questions below.

  • 1.Will you keep stay in Japan?


           NOYou don`t need the Business Manager VISA

  • 2.Will you manage the company and get income?


            NOYou don`t need the Business Manager VISA

  • 3.Do you have the resident status as followed?

                  YES→You don`t need the Business Manager VISA

                  NOYou do need the Business Manager VISA

What would have to be prepared to obtain a Business Manager VISA

To be able to satisfy the requirements for obtaining a Business Manager VISA, there are few points need to be keep in mind.

  • CapitalA Business Manager VISA requires an investment of 5 million yen or more.
    As a result, the capital of the company must be 5 million or more.
  • OfficeA physical speace belong to the company which is used as the office for the CEO is necessary. Under the rent contract is enough. The share or virtual office do not meet the requirements.  It should be separated from the residential as well. SO, it won`t be a good choice that if you consider to use one room of your house to be the office. If your business do need a physical speace to welcome the customer like a restaurant or a fashion shop, you can turn part of the shop into an office,but please be sure it have to be clearly separated from the working area.
  • StaffIf the business of the company is to manage a restaurant or a shop, you need to get the staff befor the application for Business Manager VISA.
    The reason is that the foreigners can only work within the scope fo the permit. The work between the Bunisess Manager and the restaurant staff is totally different.
    Without the staff, it would be impossible to start you business unless you do the work yourself. But that`s what is not permitted.

What should be keep in mind after you get the Business Manager VISA.

As the representative of a company, the foreigners who already have the Business Manager VISA have to keep in mind that there are so many duties need to be discharged.

  • Participation duty of health insurance and the pension
  • Report Relating to the Acquisition, Etc. of shares/equity
  • Notification of Incorporation of a Company

Contact for shceduling a consultation

To get a full picture of your case, we will have the first face-to-face consulation at our office in Kawasaki. It will usually take one hour or less. You need to bring your passport and all relevant immigration documents ( including residence card) to the meeting. Theconsultation costs 5,500yen per hour , but this fee is waived for those who sign up for




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